the feather of the raven queen

encounter the feather of the raven queen

When the feather hits the ground, a bright yellow light blinds you, you suddenly see yourself and your adventuring party from a birds eye veiw, you have your weapons drawn, and hordes of undead and running at you, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them, but you manage to kill them all, suddenly the feather speaks to you ” I am the feather of the raven queen, the raven queen needs your help, she is the master of death, and for millions of years she has sucsessfully managed to keep the dead in there graves until now, the dead are rising, they plan to kill the raven queen, and everytime another rises, she loses some of her power, you must stop this, if you do, your rewards will be greater than you can even imagine, for the barbarian, a mace of unbelivable power, for the ranger, a bow that will always hit its mark, for the seeker, a holy symbol that will burn through the souls of your enemies)



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