the feather of the raven queen

descent into underdark

you know that underdark is a large cave stretching out for miles across deep underground, it is dark, damp, and filled with undead. As you near the feeding grounds, you see a large black dragon perched on top of a rock formation, he screams “stop! its them” ten dragons of different colors and size come crawling out of the shadows, the black dragon says “we know why you are here, the raven queen asked me to help you correct? very well, but first you must do something for me, a little test, to prove weather you are worthy, descend deeper into the cave and you will find a moss growing in the cracks of the walls, it is called dragonscale fungus, it is one of the few things the dragons down here can eat, if you can bring me five pounds of it, you will earn my respect’ all the other dragons start shouting at him “dont worry comrads! you didnt think i was going to keep it all for myself did you? it will be devided evenly amoungst us all”

SECOND challenge: you see some of the strange moss growing on the roof of the cave, you think you may be able to use acrobatics to reach it (DC:15 (if completed, harvest 1 pound) FIRST challenge: you see very young dragon offspring dragging bags of what looks like dragonscale fungus off in burlap sacks, they do not look dangerous at all, in fact they look very cute to you :), you think you may be able to use diplomancy to reason with them, plus a gold peice or two DC:17 with plain diplomacy, automatic success with an offer of one gold peice each (there are five of them) if completed, harvest 5 pounds, enough to complete the misssion, if the PCs come back with 6 pounds, the dragons celebrate and the black dragon says “you are truly worthy of my respect, thanks you kindly for helping us) if 5 pounds are given, the black dragon says “thank you, you are now worthy of my respect”.



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